Research Based Skills

Being a winner in the battle-arena in Stronghold2D, not only apexes your victory but also you are rewarded with hard earned coins of your enemies – every time you manage to defeat them. Players then use these coins to purchase “Research” – which can be referred as upgrade points. Once you get some coins, hop to the “Research” option and upgrade the desired skill. Each research skill has a specific assignment and you have to choose what skill you want to research on first. It’s a free choice. It becomes quite enticing how you get functional skills – fresh juice extracted, from earned coins. Each skill is limited to reach up to Level 5 at most. On each skill advancement, the next upgrade cost for that skill will swell up to a new challenge.

progressive research based skills

Exponential Expansion

To conquer more arduous enemies, you must expand and strengthen your Stronghold by upgrading your skills with research. Research works in both single player and multiplayer options. Players don’t see the gravity of skills at first. But if they confront more knotty matches or face rookies, they’ll most probably notice their investments. Annihilation of one in the match of two-equal competitors is sightseeing. Game becomes more complicated and fast, once you start leveling up. Effects of skill’s gravity are bidirectional!

research based skills