Battle Anyone, Anytime

Today you can now play Multiplayer without any waiting by battling another user anytime you want. You can build your Stronghold by placing a selection of different defense structures and weaponry in strategic locations. Once you save your Stronghold other users will be able to battle it. In the event that the enemy defeats your Stronghold, they will take some of your coins earned. If you defeat the enemy you will take their coins, a simple trade for the winning user.

The originality of Stronghold2D is around multiplayer functionality and strategic arena provision. Network efficiency is consolidated because of different objects’ ever-changing coordinates and heavy user load. In the first version of Stronghold2D, wait-rooms had been a headache. The lesser the game will be responsive and drag; lower the number of players will be connected to it. Since it was released earlier for mobile platform, users didn’t show attachment to the former match-making setup and didn’t enjoy long durations of waiting. Since then, Stronghold2D has been replaced with a new system. Players are now more concerned about conflagration instead of worrying about connections.

Strategic Multiplayer Battle

Enjoy endless online multiplayer games with family, friends and anyone all around the world. Stronghold2D delivers everything you should expect from such multiplayer war games and it even sets the bar to a higher level, by offering easy to learn and smooth gameplay, wonderful 2D graphics with realistic sound effects, single player mode, and wide range of structures, objects, aircrafts, missiles, ammunition and weapons to empower the stronghold and being able to apply different strategies to win the battles.

You are the commander and you’ll decide how to build your own stronghold and what defending and attacking strategies you should use. Other than online multiplayer mode in this free strategy game, you also get to choose the single player mode and increase your strategy battle experiences before going to the online mode and RTS war.

Take the WAR to Others in Multiplayer Mode!

Now, you can challenge other users and test the strength of their stronghold by engaging and attacking their strongholds. You can build and fortify your stronghold by intelligently positioning a series of weaponry and ammunition in strategic locations. Others users will have the chance to test your defenses the moment you save it.  If the enemy infiltrates your defense and obliterate your stronghold, they will take some of your coins as the spoils of War! Equally, the same thing will happen when you destroy their strongholds too.

The originality and uniqueness of Stronghold2D are centered on multiplayer functionality and strategic area provisioning. Network efficiency is consolidated because of various objects’ ever changing coordinates and heavy user load. In the previous Stronghold2D version, wait-rooms had been a problem – the game was unresponsive and only a few number of players could stay connected online. However, with our new version, Stronghold2D has implemented a more efficient system, players can all join in on the fun immediately and without any wait or drag. Now, players are more immersed in the battle than worried about connection issues.

2D Sandbox Construction

Now you’re “One Tap” far from setting either a clandestine or a chaotic battle scenario with another player by using this game’s upgraded “Multiplayer” functionality. Just tap on the Multiplayer option and WHOOPEE, you are ready to kick some butts. Unlike the previous version, today you can battle anyone, anytime without delaying time in the waiting room. Waiting for other player to connect always has been anguish. Deferring Cadavers are no more there. You can build your Stronghold by placing a series of defense structures or weaponry at strategic positions. Once you save the Stronghold, other players will be able to confront it. Careen your moves, set booby traps or be belligerent. Winner will take some of coins earned by vanquished. It’s unbiased and a fair play!

7 World Languages

Stronghold2D is a game for international players world wide. We have implemented 7 different languages to make sure everyone understands with ease so they can just play! We currently have English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese translated for each button, weapon, menu, and alerts. Let us know what language you think should be added into Stronghold2D.

stronghold2d 7 languages