Google Play Achievements

There are so many achievements for Stronghold 2D, you’ll have a blast collecting them all! For every situation and for tasks which you enjoy, the achievement list is very extensive!

Let’s start with the basics. Stronghold 2D is both single player and multiplayer! The first achievement when you get when you want to socialize with the players online or with your friends is Chatty! Hey, if you’re feeling lucky and just beat your first multiplayer opponent, you get the multiplayer battle achievement, awesome!

Shoot a cannon and get the First shoot achievement, way to go! Want to fly something? Well, you get a prize! And that’s the pilot achievement! Finally battle hardened from all that gaming? The 100 Battles achievement is something which you’ll love to get!

Because our players love building (and maybe even shooting things down) we added the Stronghold Built achievement which everyone would love to get! Just make a stronghold to get it!

There are so many different situations and conditions in the game that you may think getting through to them all may be difficult. But, it’s not at all! Our achievement section Is based on real-world players and real-world conditions! You will never have to go out of your way to get certain achievements at all! Everything is perfectly tied together with the game.

Top of the Leadboard

Get the 10,000+ coins achievement to show how rich you are! This isn’t very hard to get but when you get it, you’re sure to feel like a true king. Really amazing at wars and destructing stuff? Well, we have an achievement for that too! Insane War achievement which only the worthy deserve! In all honesty, you must really be an awesome player to get this achievement! Throw some goop around, or maybe a sticky bomb! You get this achievement when you throw a sticky bomb at someone.

Mission completed? Or should I say, enemy destroyed? Good! Get the Enemy Destroyed achievement when you completely get rid of your opponents! It’s something you may want to look out for whenever you play! You know you can research in the game too right? New to Research achievement is available once you research something, pretty simple to get, isn’t it? What do you get when you have all that research and knowledge? Well, make different ammo of course! The Smart Shooter achievement is the perfect blend between brains and bronze!

PEW PEW LASERS PEW is another achievement when you get ahold of lasers, put the fear of you in your enemies with style. But, what do you do when you have lasers? Why not start a revolution.. IN space! The Space Revolution achievement is another perfect example of how powerful you can get! Stronghold 2D has made perfect, simple and attainable achievement patterns which are designed after real people! There are dozens upon dozens of achievements already available, and each one tells a different and unique story!

Adding a sense of fun, excitement and drama at times! It’s all a part of Stronghold 2d!