Stronghold2D has multiple ammunitions for the object you want to destroy. When you start a game the Basic Bullet is the most affordable ammo, but it does not have a lot of damaging qualities. You will advanced and expand your Stronghold in order to dominate the enemy.

flash bomb

Flash Bomb

Intense and severe bright flash from a bomb that will leave your enemies blind and defenseless for a brief period.

sticky bomb

Sticky Bomb

The highly effective sticky bomb will cling to any object and will stick to it while repeatedly damaging it. The sticky bomb is useful for repelling enemy attacks.

EMP bomb

EMP Bomb

Creates an Electromagnetic Pulse that can help disable the enemy’s cannons and lasers before they launch a scathing attack.

tri-bullet launched from cannon

Tri Bullet

This is a special bullet that fires 3 separate bombs in one shot.

basic cannon bullet

Basic Bullet

This basic cannon does not cost much and will help keep your stronghold safe for the time being.  You would need to later upgrade if you want to avoid being defeated.